Dynamic Thermochromic Glazing

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May 25, 2016
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June 2, 2016

Dynamic Thermochromic Glazing

Dynamic Thermochromic Glazing

In today’s marketplace, architects, builders, and consumers have the option to choose between many different window and door products. With the arrival of Dynamic Glazing products, how can you choose what product is best for your home or office

About Dynamic Glazing

Dynamic Glazing (DG) products are any fenestration product with the ability to change its performance properties, allowing the occupant to control their environment by tinting (or darkening) a window with the flip of a switch or by raising and lowering a shade positioned between panes of glass. Some windows and doors can change their performance automatically in response to a control or environmental signal. These high-performance windows, sometimes referred to as “smart windows,” provide a variety of benefits, including reduced energy costs due to controlled daylighting and unwanted heat gain (or loss). While still a relatively new technology, they are expected to grow substantially in the coming years.

What is Suntuitive?

Suntuitive is a self-tinting glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight. The more direct and intense the sun’s energy, the darker the glass will tint



Suntuitive is Simple

Can be used with:

  • Any thickness, tint or color of glass
  • Any type of low-e
  • Virtually any window construction
  • Warm edge spacers
  • Any type of gas fill or vacuum

Suntuitive Makes Existing Glass Technology Better “No wires and no worries”

How Does Suntuitive Work?

Suntuitive self-tinting windows gradually darken in response to rising temperatures caused by direct sunlight on the window. As the sun moves across the sky, Suntuitive will cool and return to its clear state. At night or in cloudy conditions, when direct sun is not present, Suntuitive remains clear and allows the most natural daylight possible. Suntuitive naturally and passively adapts throughout the day, every day of the year, constantly balancing the heat and glare coming into your building.


Does Suntuitive glass tint in cold weather climates

The short answer is yes!

In direct sunlight, glass temp ≠ ambient temp

Multiple important variables to consider:

  • Lower sun angle = more intense sunlight
  • Multiple reflective surfaces (snow and ice)
  • Wind
  • Clear, cold, calm day = tinted
  • Clear, cold, windy day = clear (frequency?)

What about passive solar heat gain?

  • Personal preference – impacts configuration
  • Suntuitive provides a heat barrier everywhere

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