IGC-CASE STUDY Confidential Middle East Embassy Project


International Glass Consultants Were contacted by a major International Construction company and their contracting team for assistance with their internal and external ballistic glazing and external facade glazing requirements for a large scale embassy project in the Middle East.


IGC where given the task of specifying the ballistic rating for the bullet resistant glazing aspect of the project, whilst ensuring a uniform colouration on the glazing to the facade. Along with the glass aspect, IGC were also tasked with securing a European ballistic and facade manufacturer to deliver the steel and aluminium frames for the project.


IGC suggested a ballistic rating for the internal and external bullet resistant glazing, the external facade has a combination of ballistic and no ballistic rated windows, to ensure the uniform colour to the facade IGC recommended a heat strengthened double glazed unit with a Guardian SN 62/18 outer, this allows for all performance characteristics to be achieved whilst also keeping the bullet resistance on the ballistic units.


IGC have sourced European manufacturers for all of the external glass and framing products, with all products due on site November 2016 and completion early 2017. IGC have visited the client, contractor and site to secure the relationship on this project and ensure all boxes are ticked in relation to delivery, access and installation.


"Without the input and assistance of IGC on this project the sourcing of the glass and framing would have been a laborious, painful and expensive exercise, we will continue to use IGC's services on further International projects due to their knowledgeable, thorough and helpful approach" - (Project Manager for the construction company.)