CUIN Ultra Low U-Value Units

CUIN Ultra Low U-Value Units

IGC working in partnership with CUIN manufacture and supply these ultra low U-value insulating glass units (IGU’s).

These unique units utilise innovative suspended film technology to achieve ultra-low centre pane U-values within double and triple glazed constructions.

CUIN is lighter, thinner and more environmentally friendly than traditional glazing. With excellent acoustic properties and virtually zero UV transmission, CUIN is the high performance glazing selection for the built environment.

The transparent uncoated film provides an invisible barrier inside the cavity of the double glazed IGU, creating two separate chambers opposed to just one in a standard double IGU. With low emissivity coatings on glass surfaces #2 & #3, combined with low conductivity gas inside the chambers, CUIN IGU’s are more than twice as thermally efficient as a standard double IGU’s. By adding another low emissivity coated glass to construct a triple IGU, the heat loss can be halved again.

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