IGC-CASE STUDY Tyne Pedestrian & Cylclist Tunnel


Working in conjunction with Arup for the client NECA (North East Combined Authority) IGC have been tasked with providing a design solution for the glazing aspects of the Tyne Pedestrian & Cyclist Tunnel. IGC have been appointed to work as part of the consultancy design team to prepare a design package that can be tendered for manufacture/installation.

Working alongside ARUP, IGC have been providing a design service to collaborate with the NECA consultant design team to prepare a design for the glazed screens, interfaces and methods to bond and secure the glazing.


The challenge has been to recommend a glazed screen solution to sit in front of the new inclined lift, this screen must resist a significant loading criteria whilst having minimal methods of fixing. The glazed screens must also withstand the impact of objects such as mobility scooters.

Alongside the glazed screen IGC also needed to come up with solutions and designs for the glazing to be installed along the sides of the escalators in both the North and South Rotunda buildings.


Utilising the wealth of technical industry experience, existing relationships and software analysis systems, IGC were able to provide the following services in order to achieve the brief set out to us;

• Structural analysis to understand the correct method of fixing the glazing in place

• Recommended the optimum channel and framing system to be installed

• Leaning on the structural analysis and current calculations already provided (mobility scooter issue etc) calculated the recommended laminated glass construction within allowed glass deflections

• Taking into consideration the Grade 2 listed status and uniqueness of the TPCT, designed a glazed screen and associated glazing for the elevator area and escalators

• Ensured that service user safety is ensured whilst contributing to making the lift is aesthetically pleasing and maximising the view of the remaining escalator

• Working alongside the nominated elevator manufacturer to design a method for attaching the elevator access to the glazed screen

• Utilising existing designs, drawings and dimensions alongside the newly designed elements, IGC offered a formal design which could be added to the final package in preparation for the formal tendor process