IGC-CASE STUDY Thermochromic University Project


International Glass Consultants Were contacted by a major UK architectural firm to provide assistance on a project requiring Suntuitve Thermochromic glazed fins. The glazed fins are for installation on the external facade of a new UK University campus building to provide adaptive solar shading. (for information on thermochromic glazing please see IGC products page)


IGC are the UK authorised agent for the Suntuitive Thermochromic inter-layer technology, due to this IGC have been tasked with providing performance characteristics and sourcing the glass processor to deliver the final product. Suntuitve technology has yet to be formally used in the UK thus far and as such it is IGC's task to work with glass processors whom can not only successfully trial the technology during the glass laminating process but also be capable of processing glass to the desired size of over 4m x 0.6m.


IGC are now working with glass processors to trial the technology, of which 1 has successfully manufactured the product. More information on the project to follow.


Project will be due for completion early 2018. More information on the project to follow.